About Us

The Brew Baron Beer Company is an Australian family-owned and operated business that strives to offer its customers great tasting craft beer and food. All of our craft beers are either brewed in-house, or we source them from one of a select few Australian craft breweries. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, you’ll be sure to find the most flavoursome beer and food to whet your appetite.

We live by a philosophy that states “passionate crafts people make great beer and food with quality ingredients”. This is where our journey begins. Whether it’s the hops for our beers, the meat for our BBQ or the pepperoni for our pizzas, we only source the highest quality, freshest and most flavoursome ingredients.

Our philosophy to great food means we source fresh ingredients, locally, wherever possible and practical to do so. We design our menu with a range of flavoursome food, not only to complement our beers but also to showcase natural and succulent flavours. Whether you try one of our gourmet pizzas or fresh salads, you are sure to enjoy the experience.

Our Brew Crew

Brad Sayer

Dr Brad Sayer is our Founder and Managing Director. While you may find Brad behind the bar, pouring beer, or waiting on tables to assure customer service standards, he is responsible for managing the commercial aspects of the company, along with its strategic direction. But, like most people, Brad loves mouth-watering succulent BBQ that falls off the bone, washed down by a dark ale, which is probably why he also assumes responsibility for overseeing customer satisfaction, which includes everything customers may experience during their time at the Brew Baron, ranging from service standards, beer selection through to the ‘atmosphere’.If you would like to let Brad know your thoughts about your time at the Brew Baron, you can leave a comment for him here Please also leave your contact details, as Brad may like to talk through or clarify your comments.

Gibran Firmo

Gibran Firmo is our Founder and Director at the Brew Baron Beer Company. After 10-years feeding our soldiers in the Australian Defence Force, Gibran is responsible for the food menu, which includes sourcing, testing, trialling and developing it to complement our craft beers. As a qualified chef, Gibran is a strong advocate for only using fresh ingredients, sourced from local providers, which exude great flavour.Gibran, who is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil applies his practical and technical skills to ensure our great chefs and cooks, turn qualify ingredients into great food that bursts with flavour.

Rita Ferraro

Dr Rita Ferraro is one of our Founders and is a Non-Executive Director. Rita is perhaps most influential in the family's decision to purchase a craft brewery and has been a great supporter for the concept to get into craft brewing. She envisioned a place where friends, colleagues, and the whole family (including the family puppies) could meet, have fun, and relax while enjoying great food and craft beers. During the day, Rita is a professional linguist, academic, writer and teacher of Portuguese and Spanish languages. After hours, she uses her versatility to do everything that is needed, including sharing her ideas and sensible advice for the brewery.

Matty Wolfe

Head Brewer Matty Wolfe is a jack-of-all-trades and our Head Brewer, to boot. He is well-known and regarded across the brewing industry as an extremely knowledgeable and capable brewer. He is recognised and credited with brewing many of Parched Brewery’s award-winning beers which have received awards at the Indies and Royal Queensland Beer Awards. But, not being one to rest on his laurels, Matty continues to explore and develop the Brew Baron’s beers with a view to meet customers’ changing tastes. So, check out any of Brew Baron’s beers in-house, at festivals, competitions or other licensed premises, and you’ll be tasting one of Matty’s creations.