Function Rooms Brisbane

The Brew Baron Beer Co. provides a relaxed, comfortable and entertaining function facility, with good vibes. We cater for corporate functions and social groups, from 2 to 200 people, and remain flexible to cater to your every (reasonable) request. So, whether you’re looking for a venue to host your product launch, end-of-financial year, Christmas, farewell, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or high-school reunion, we’ll work with you to provide an enjoyable and memorable event.

Our capabilities:

Equipment & Services

- AV system and cordless Microphones
- Projector & 150” big screen
- 4 x big screen TVs
- Streamed or Live Music
- BYO Decorations welcomed
- Bespoke / white label beer (min. quantities apply)


- Air-conditioning
- Indoor & Outdoor areas
- Pool table
- Leather Chesterfield Sofas
- Wheelchair accessible
- Pet friendly


- Craft beer, wine, spirits & soft drinks
- Food platters & Canapés to share
- Mixed Pizzas to share
- Food and drink packages
- All dietary requirements
- BYO Birthday / Celebratory Cakes welcomed

Booking areas

- Pool room - 20 people
- Shared or exclusive mezzanine - 20-120 people
- Main flight deck - 20people
- Main floor - 20-120 people
- Whole venue 200 people


We can accommodate groups of up to about 200, seated or standing, comfortably.

We are able to provide shared or exclusive access to the whole venue and/or individual areas – for example, a group of 20-people may like to book the flight deck or pool room, a group of 100 may like to book the whole mezzanine level, or a group of 200 may like to book the whole venue.

We do not charge venue hire fees, booking fees, administration fees and do not insist on minimum spend for a shared area. Exclusive access requires a minimum spend commensurate with the size of the area, number of people within the group and time duration of the booking.

We're pleased to cater for special requests such as use of specialised equipment, use of decorations, specific music or musicians, etc.

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