Join Our Loyalty Program

Do you like FREE beer and FREE food?

Who doesn't, right?!

We want to reward you for being one of our valued customers. So, why not join our loyalty program?!

PLUS, you might even win a free carton!

Who will win this month's carton? Find out on the last day of the month - every month!

Spend less, get more!

Joining Brew Baron’s loyalty program is the best way to spend less while getting more.

We wanted to create a fun and fair way to help everyone get even more value out of their Brew Baron experience, and we think we’ve done it!

We’ll also be running monthly loyalty program giveaways, but more about that in a second.

Read on to find out how you can join the best loyalty program EVER!

Joining takes 30 seconds! Here's how:

iPhone users:

  1. Simply click the button below, fill out the form, and once you’ve joined, add your loyalty card to your smartphone wallet.
  2. Complete the bonus tasks for extra points (instructions below).

Android users:

  1. Click the button below and fill out the form.
  2. Complete the bonus tasks for extra points (instructions below).
  3. Adding your loyalty pass to your digital wallet requires you to use an app like Wallet Passes (available on Google Play).
  4. Next time you’re in Brew Baron, look for one of the loyalty program posters. Open up your digital wallet app of choice and use the QR code scanner to add your card to your wallet.

Get bonus points!

  • Once you’ve joined, look for the blue floating rewards button in the bottom right corner of our website, log in and complete the quick and easy tasks.

Here's everything you need to know:

Every $1 gives you 1 point!

For every dollar you spend, you get 1 point, which quickly adds up.

So, after getting a few rounds with mates or dinner and drinks, you’ll have enough for more free beer and food. Winning!


Other Ways to Earn Points

  • By joining the loyalty program, you instantly get 25 points.
  • Placing your first order earns you 10 points.
  • Whenever it's your birthday, you get 50 points.
  • Liking and following our pages on Facebook and Instagram earns you 10 points each.

What can I get with my points?

Anything you can order from our menu - including 16 different craft beers on tap, specialty brews, and delicious food. You can also get some cool Brew Baron specialty goods, like hats, shirts, steins, and coolers.


Do I get a card?

Yes! You get a digital card that you can add to your smart phone's wallet.

Use the instructions above to add your card to your smartphone's digital wallet.

How does a free carton sound?

Loyalty program members have the chance to win a free carton every month.

That's 16 cans of delicious craft beer in your favourite flavour, with a value of $75.00!


You can win! Here's how:

Every month we’ll be doing a loyalty program giveaway of 1 free carton.

Yes, that’s right… A free carton! Our cartons hold 16 cans, come in 5 delicious flavours and are worth $75.00 each. In future, we'll have sampler packs, too.

We draw the winner on the last day of the month, every month.


Conditions of Entry

We want to keep this giveway as fair and equitable as possible.

To legitimately win the carton and claim your prize, you need to meet these conditions:

  • You must be a loyalty program member.
  • You must have visited Brew Baron in the past month. For example, to win February’s prize, you need to have been to Brew Baron and made a purchase in February.
  • When you’re at Brew Baron, you will need to have used your loyalty card.

And that's it!

Prize pick up is from our West End location (sorry, no shipping).

If it's OK with you, we'd love to take a photograph of you with your new carton, too!

So, what are you waiting for?

If this doesn't sound seriously good then we'll eat our shoes...

Anyway, it's time to get cracking.